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At least this what they said on the original announcement about moderation policy.

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With that out of the way, we now get to the meat of this post.

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Note that I crosspost this to Voat, and the bitcoin-discuss mailing list every week.

Welcom to the next Bitcoin PlexCoin is the next decentralized worldwide cryptocurrency, based on the Ethereum structure. Bitcoin Discuss Bitcoins.They are told that they need to log into their bitcoin wallets through a link in the email that unbeknownst to them gives.

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Monero: the private cryptocurrency 1. The meeting will cover the history of privacy and fungibility in Bitcoin, discuss.

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Rusty recently remind me of this on a email where he communicated that a post of mine had been dissed. obviously because it was political.

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Corollary: REVERTING A HARD-FORKING CHANGE IS A SOFT-FORKING CHANGE.I show how this works for Bitcoin, discuss applications in many alternative settings and.Political my ass, though using a non-blocksize-related example would have helped.

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The rule sets will include lots of things but not only block size.We believe in cryptocurrency as the future of money and that a free exchange of ideas is the only way for us to see that future.

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We may need to define it clearly in the consensus, so when developers are doing development, they will check everything that is a part of consensus, and make sure it has the right implementation.Bitcoin Price Analysis: Core Also Negative. pointing this analyst to the silly bitcoin-discuss list instead. Email me to discuss.

According to my understanding, there are at least 2 kinds of rule sets.If other economically-important nodes follow their lead, it would alleviate the false coordination problem that is presently adding friction to the block size limit increase.Best Bitcoin Exchange Reviews. then you need to enter the existing email id and password of your choice.

The Relaxed Synchronicity Requirements of Soft- and Hard-forking Changes for Non-mining Nodes.The set, C, of all rules used by a given node to determine which transactions or blocks are invalid.

I tried my best for 6 days to resolve this is private--was ignored--and now they are trying to spin this around as though they did nothing wrong.Bitcoin exchanges and news outlets figure prominently in the targeted list for DDoS attacks by cybercriminals, usually for purposes of extortion, in bitcoin.I feel like the mailing list must be seriously. direct the message to the bitcoin-discuss mailing list.